MDS Video Challenge

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Vancouver Convention Centre
Pre-Event Gathering: 19:00-20:00
MDS Video Challenge: 20:00-22:00



The Letter of Intent submission process is now closed. 
We hope you join us for this event!



Note: Cases that are to be presented at the MDS Video Challenge
should not be presented as an abstract in the Poster Areas.

The concept:

  • Movement Disorders groups representing different countries will submit Letters of Intent describing their top 1-3 interesting cases for possible presentation at the 2017 MDS Video Challenge. Presentations will entail a very brief clinical description and a well-edited video lasting no more than 3 minutes. All cases should have a known diagnosis that will be shared at the end of the presentation. At the time of submission, a designated contact person will be identified by the submitting group to present the case(s) in Vancouver if selected. This presenter should be a fellow or junior MDS member.
  • A committee, with representation from around the world, will select the most interesting and educational cases for presentation at the meeting.
  • Awards will be given for the most interesting and challenging cases. Country pride will add an enjoyable spirit of competition to this event.
  • The goals of this session are for attendees to learn from a series of unusual, very interesting patients, and to see how senior experts approach these types of challenging cases. 

This event is open to all registered delegates. For more information about the MDS Video Challenge, please contact Sarah Smith at

Important Dates

February 10, 2017
Letters of Intent (LOI) due

Early March 2017
Notifications sent out from MDS indicating the cases that will be formally considered for review and possible presentation

March 24, 2017
Slides and video due (from the chosen LOIs) for consideration for presenting during the MDS Video Challenge

May 1, 2017
Final selection of the cases to be presented announced

May 17, 2017
Final edits to presentations due

June 7, 2017
MDS Video Challenge at 21st International Congress

Masters of Ceremony

Kapil SethiKapil Sethi




Anthony LangAnthony Lang



Panel of Experts

Kailash BhatiaKailash Bhatia
United Kingdom




Alberto EspayAlberto Espay




Jennifer FriedmanJennifer Friedman




Victor FungVictor Fung



Claudia TrenkwalderClaudia Trenkwalder